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My Mother's Medical Needs

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November 28, 2012

Hey all! Check out my fundraiser for an amazing woman who just happens to be my mother.  See more

BENEFITING: Aneurysm Foundation

La Jon Miller


Let me start off by saying that my mother Julia Miller is and always will be an amazing woman. (Most sons will say this anbout their mothers) She has taught me the one of greatest lesson to live by and that is to think of what you can do to help others before you help yourself. This lesson has continued to reward me both personal and finacial. So here I am returning the favor back to her...I owe her this much, having to raise me and all.

I am starting this fundraiser to help my father and mother with the medical cost that they have accumulated from a ruptured brain vessel that my mom suffered on December 18th 2010. This condition has left my mother completely bedridden and dependent on assistance for her everyday needs. She has very limited mobility. (little use of her right arm and right leg) Minimal and poor use of her eyesight due to damage caused on the left/visual side of her brain. She only has sight out of her right eye. 

My mother Julia Miller was admitted to UCI Medical Center on 12/18/2010 for a ruptured vessel on the brain. She was then released on 01/21/2011 to Park Anaheim Healthcare facillity where she stayed for eleven months.

The cost at UCI was 1.2 million which was covered by her medical insurance at the time so there was no out of pocket cost

Julia was released from Park Anaheim on 12/18/2011

The out of pocket cost was $9532.00 (Which was my fathers shared cost) covered the cost of her stay, food and any medical provisions she needed while staying at Park Anaheim. 

At home she does not recieve any financial assistance for home care, medial supplies or transportation due to my father and mothers share of cost being too high from their combine social security income.

My father had to stop working to be her caregiver and this contributes to a $4100.00 per month income loss.

She also has an out of pocket cost for medical supplies, over the counter medicine and transportation of $ 600.00 per month. Here's a list of specific supplies she needs:





body creams and lotions to prevent skin break down


equipment rental

Medical equipment  required a one time co pay $400.00 for foot and hand brace ,bed side commode and wheel chair cushion.

Julia has to rely on making transportaion arrangements to transport her to medical appointments, church and personal outings. Many times there are signifcant delays with the time she is to be picked up and or dropped off. This causes many scheduling conflicts. Having an accessible van will help out a great deal and make transporting her to and from appointments much more convenient.

The total fund amount needed is $30000.00


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