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MyNDTALK with Dr. Pamela Brewer, Inc.

MyNDTALK with Dr. Pamela Brewer, In...
CROWDRISE : Sep 03, 2014
Tax ID: 46-4443984
BASED: Bethesda, MD, United States



Changing Lives - 1 Hour At A Time!

The goal of the daily MyNDTALK program is to improve health equity/literacy in the areas of mental and relationship wellness.  We do this by providing daily one hour radio/audio/podcast programs that will help to enhance and empower you and your way. Every Monday listeners meet a Man - and walk with him through his life, his way of being; every Tuesday listeners meet someone who has achieved Freedom in some way.  How?  Listen on Tuesdays and find out. Wednesdays are for/about women.  Who is she?  What is her story?  How does she live her life today?  What can you learn from her pproach?; Thursdays you will meet a expert who will provide a Thorough look at a clinical/mental health/relationship issue.  In select areas, Fridays we take a look at The Other Side.  Friday is the day we explore a range of topics - that may not be typically viewed as a mental health topic - until MyNDTALK with Dr. Pamela Brewer takes a look from The Other Side

It is unacceptable to go through life wondering about your worth, your value, your joy.  It IS acceptable to learn and know and grow who you are. It is unacceptable to let someone else rob you of your own awareness, your own joy.  It IS acceptable to say no! to the people, places, experiences and events that have the potential to rob you of you. 

For 18 years MyNDTALK has been a weekly radio program on mental health and healthy relationships.  Now, in it's 21st year - (MyNDTALK became a daily offering and was incorporated as an independent tax exempt non profit organization in 2014) the program is available as a daily podcast and radio program!

Choose MyNDTALK to be YOUR go-to place for new learning, new information, expanded wisdom and lots of "aha!" moments having to do with mental health and relationship health.  Everything from why a person smiles to how to think about an abusive relationships - MyNDTALK brings it to you!  

Got an idea you would like to learn about? Go to the page - join free to become a member of the MyNDTALK family and tell us what you would like to learn about, hear about - even who you would nominate to become a MyNDTALK guest. For 18 years MyNDTALK has been a labor of love - now that we are expanding into the daily universe your help is needed to provide the funds  to continue to make this daily, and wonderful and full of news you can use on the spot - to enhance your sense of personal awareness and well being.  I need your help/ we need your help to grow and sustain this new MyNDTALK venture as an educational non-profit entity with your mental health and relationship wellness in MyND! 

All donors will be permanently acknowledged on MyNDTALK's site.  All contributions are tax deductible.  MyNDTALK with Dr. Pamela Brewer is a non- profit 501(c) 3 corporation .  

Tax ID: 46-4443984 •

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