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My next 30 years

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BENEFITING: American Heart Association

EVENT DATE: Sep 07, 2014

Jason Weibel


So I'm going to apologize first. This is probably going to ramble a lot. A few things are going to be happening in 2014 for me. On the positive side, my 30th birthday is coming up in March. Yup, 30. Kinda cant believe it.
Second, in September it is the 5 year anniversary of my fathers passing. Another thing I have trouble believing. So the whole point of this fundraiser is twofold. Some of you reading this know already, but for those of you that are reading this that don't know my dad died of heart attack suddenly at the age of 56. it also runs in my family. So of course after it happened, even though I was only 25 I went and got checked out. Clean bill of health for the most part. Little too fat, a few numbers were high but not dangerously so. Well now here I am 5 years later and after some up and down weight loss and attempts at healthier diet choices, not much has changed. Still too fat. Some numbers are still too high, but now for 30yr old with family history those numbers are a lot more scary.
Anyway, enough rambling. Its time for me to make some changes. I've struggled to do it alone so here I am. I read an article in men's health or somewhere about not being secretive about weight loss. Not to be ashamed or embarrassed. They suggested making a wager with a friend. I decided to go a little bigger. I'm looking for people to donate money per pound I manage to lose. The mony will be donated to the American Heart Assosiaction.                                                          Im looking to lose around 40lbs. my doctor would like to see closer to 50. We'll see. Im putting up 5 dollars a pound I lose myself. I plan on starting for real in March, which gives me a little over a month to sort some things out, try and break some bad habits etc. The end date will be Sept. 7th 2014. Its tight to get down to where I need to be but I figure the shorter time span will help keep me focussed!      So please help, donate. I know this is an odd way to get healthy, and if you know me this is way out of character for me but thats the point right? So please help. Share this, donate a few bucks. 



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