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Conchservation Bahamas' Fundraiser:

My Science! My Conch!

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My Science! My Conch! is a nationwide citizen-science project going on now throughout The Bahamas! Communities and schools are getting involved in the effort to collect important scientific data and learn more about that giant, delicious, sea snail we all love, the Queen Conch.

Why Citizen-Science? Why Conch?

Unfortunately, fishery stocks of queen conch are declining in The Bahamas. This is not new news and probably not uexpected given the collapse of many conch fisheries throughout the Caribbean. Fortunately, there is now more information than ever to help policy makers decide on the best approach to manage the fishery so that conch will not disappear from these beautiful waters.

Citizen science or science conducted by citizens, is a great way for communities to get involved in the process of creating a more sustainable conch fishery. Participants in MSMC will get hands on experience in the collection of scientific data that will help fishery managers make more informed decisions and ensure they are conch for many generations to come.

Your chance to help

We know My Science! My Conch! is a great project to raise awareness and get the public involved with the urgent need for change in conch management policy. Can you support our effort? Every donation, big or small, helps!

$25 will cover the cost of one participant in this amazingly in-depth and educational program!

$500 will help us reach a community!

$3,500 will help us to reach an entire island!

$5,000 will help us to make a mini-documentary that will reach the whole country!

Where your funds will go

All of your dollars will go directly to supporting the MSMC project. Our goal of $25,000 will help us visit at least 4 more islands and get the word out to countless others through regular TV broadcasting! Our major costs are travel related. To reach as many folks as possible, we’d like to travel to as many islands as possible and make sure we’re able to promote the project online, on TV, and with free T-shirts!

Click here to find out more about My Science! My Conch!

Project Partners

Community Conch has teamed up with the Bahamas National Trust and the Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation to create My Science! My Conch! We’re aiming to reach communities on up to 15 islands! Schools, clubs, church groups, fishers, and anyone who would like to get involved are all welcome to participate in this Conchservation effort! Each organization has generously donated in kind time and resources to the project, which covers a good portion of the budget, but we are still in need of additional funding to really have a nationwide impact.

In the meantime...

Check out the pictures and video (to the left and on our website), filmed in Exuma and Abaco, to learn more about Community Conch's research in The Bahamas. Visit the Community Conch, BREEF, and Conchservation Facebook pages to keep up to date on the latest conchy news and project updates.

Thank you for your support of this project! Please tell a friend and help us reach our goal! www.communityconch.org

*Rachels Network is the U.S. 501(c)3 fiscal sponsor of Community Conch. All proceeds from the fundrasing effort will go directly to supporting My Science! My Conch! in The Bahamas.



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