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My Veteran Community Inc

My Veteran Community Inc
CROWDRISE : Sep 10, 2015
Tax ID: 47-2508085
BASED: Cypress, TX, United States


My Veteran Community Inc

My Veteran Community

Help for today ... Hope for tomorrow

The Mission: My Veteran Community unites veterans service members, and their families with organizations and professionals nationwide as well as developing much needed programs in order to solve real world problems while recreating a sense of camaraderie.


My Veteran Community is dedicated to working with other organizations, companies, and professionals so that we as a community can improve the lives of those who have served. The community as of right now is splintered with each organization, or company only focusing on its individual niche. Instead My Veteran Community wants to focus on the veteran community as a whole by either providing services, advocating on their behalf, or directly transferring them to another organization to get assistance.


My Veteran Community will connect veterans, service members, and their families to organizations and professionals nationwide that provide services, programs, benefits, and solutions. We will also conduct our own research, and develop programs that meaningfully impact veteran needs. Our focus is on creating better lives for those who have served. So we are willing to collaborate with other organizations in order to merge programs, or even refer veterans to another organization that already has something in place. Our focus areas include, but are not limited to:

• Healthcare Assistance 
• Education Assistance 
• Housing Assistance
• Business Grants
• Professional Assistance
• Financial Assistance
• Transition Assistance
• Veteran Advocacy 
• Employment Assistance 
• Camaraderie Reestablishment 
• Transportation Assistance

Tax ID: 47-2508085 •


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