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Naam Yoga

Naam Yoga
CROWDRISE : Mar 14, 2012
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BASED: New York, NY, United States


Naam Yoga

Our Mission

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NAAM YOGA: Global Healing Starts with Self-Healing

Join us as we share and expand the self-healing technology of Naam Yoga® with the world.

“The truth is, no one can cure you but yourself, and the only way to generate a permanent cure is through self-healing.” 

Dr. Joseph Michael Levry (The Divine Doctor, p. 3)

Naam Yoga® is one of the most in-depth, precise and comprehensive systems of yoga in the world. It is a complete self-healing practice that removes stress and restores the flow of vital energy throughout the entire body and the brain.

Naam Yoga works with movement (asanas), sound current (mantra), breathing exercises (pranayam), hand symbols (mudras), and the wisdom of the laws of the Universe, resulting in deep relaxation and cellular invigoration. Naam Yoga awakens consciousness, maintains a youthful glow, and opens the heart. Naam Yoga® has brought self-healing to thousands of people worldwide. Join us as we continue to share and expand this sacred and practical self-healing technology. 

Learning and practicing Naam Yoga is a heart-opening, self-nurturing act that fills the heart with true happiness while providing the perfect platform for self-healing by empowering the individual to take total responsibility of their own healing process. 

Naam Yoga was founded by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry in New York City. Today, the International headquarters for Naam Yoga is located in Los Angeles, CA at the Naam Yoga Healing and Research Center. With affiliate centers in many cities of the United States, as well as in other countries, such as, Germany, Mexico and Switzerland, and more to come soon. Naam Yoga’s mission is to make this self-healing technology available to all people so that both individual and collective healing can take place on a global scale. 

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Giving Naam

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