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Ryan Catacutan's Fundraiser:

Name My Car

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BENEFITING: The Foundation for Aids Research


Ryan Catacutan


Beth Eisen wrote -

My cousin Mark passed away from AIDS when I was in high school. I loved him very much. When he died, his parents kindly gave me his car. The license plate he had included the letters "FRNK" so I named him Frank. I cherished that car for the past 10 years because of its tremendous sentimental value. Driving it helped me think of Mark very frequently. Now the car is 17 years old and has 150,000+ miles on it. While I recognize that it was becoming time for me to get a new car, I found it hard to imagine giving up such a sentimental token of my life for the past decade like Frank.

Tonight I bought a 2016 red Subaru Legacy (black cloth interior). In order to add sentiment to this car and continue to honor Mark's memory, I'm aiming to raise money for AIDS research. When I told the general manager at the car dealership where I bought the car, Wayne Subaru, he agreed to match the first $500 that I raise in this campaign! I'm aiming to raise $2,500 by World AIDS Day on December 1st. So here is how it works...

What you do:

  1. Think of a name for my new car and explain why you chose that name (ex. Carmen SanDiego- so you can say "Where in the world is Carmen SanDiego" when you can't find your red car in the parking lot)
  2. Donate ANY amount you can to the campaign via crowdrise
  3. When you donate tell me the name you'd like to suggest for the car in the comments section (profanity will not be considered)

What I do:

  1. On December 1st I will draw a name at random (on video) to celebrate World AIDS Day and the end of my campaign
  2. I will affix the name to the car in a creative way that will last for a long time, and always refer to my car by its new name!

My family uses car names all of the time to refer to the different vehicles. We've had cars such as Max, Rex, Buddy, Linus, Veronica, etc. I can't wait to see the names you select. Use this opportunity to help fund AIDS research, while helping me choose a name and add sentimental value to my new car!


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