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CROWDRISE : Mar 18, 2012
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NAMLO's Mission

To help people of developing countries help themselves through education and grassroots programs, while providing an opportunity for students in the United States to learn about global issues and experience the joy of helping others.

Namlo’s History and Background

Formed in 1999, Namlo has engaged in a wide range of broad-based approach to developing sustainable communities and improve the quality of life for people in poor, remote villages in Nepal and Nicaragua.  In each community, Namlo operates within a wide window of opportunity (around ten years), and establishes long term partnerships to achieve sustainability.

Program activities have included agricultural and economic development (vegetable, ginger and coffee production), adult literacy, education & school construction, women’s cooperatives, health, sanitation and water resource development.  

Namlo seeks to build local leadership capacity, so communities can develop their own shared vision of the future, and have the skills and experience to achieve it.  Overall, Namlo International continues to expand its work in building sustainable communities in Nicaragua and Nepal through the following approaches:

Education, including school and infrastructure development, technical assistance, and academic capacity building.  School construction has historically formed the initial foundation of Namlo’s relationships with the partner communities.  Community sweat equity, supporter donations, local technical expertise, and Namlo volunteers are all integral to a successful project. School Improvement – Namlo provides an ongoing commitment to the schools it constructs to provide technical assistance to school administrators, teachers and community committees to foster an environment of educational performance. Scholarships – Namlo International funds education scholarships for the most promising students in its partner communities, with the goal of the scholarship students then giving back to their community.

Sustainable Community Development – Namlo International’s efforts seek to create sustainable communities, thereby empowering partner communities to meet their own needs in the future without compromising the needs of their children.  The Community Development process forms the basis on which all Namlo projects are designed and implemented, and consists of building the capacity of community leaders so that they can create their own long-term vision of their community, and acquire the skills to achieve it.  

Economic Development - Namlo works with community members to identify entrepreneurial activities that can not only raise incomes and living standards, but can also contribute to the well-being of the community as a whole. This process harnesses the entrepreneurial spirit, desire for self-improvement and recognition of the inter-relatedness of individuals and communities. This is the key to building resilient communities, and diminishes the risk of developing dependencies on Namlo or other organizations.  Examples of this include Namlo’s work in supporting ginger, coffee and tomato farmers, promoting household greenhouses for nutrition and income, and establishing microenterprise business development centers.  To improve its own self-sufficiency as a social enterprise, Namlo itself is engaged in market activities, selling handicrafts made in Nepal as well as organizing volunteer trips to enable westerners to learn about and participate in grass-roots development.

Women’s Empowerment - Despite their strength, women frequently do not occupy a strong position in their societies, either in terms of decision-making, access to resources, education, or even control over their own lives. Namlo works to strengthen women at the village level, offering adult literacy classes, entrepreneurship opportunities, and the chance to be involved in leadership roles in their schools, communities and in their own homes.  Examples include the establishment of women’s microenterprise cooperatives in Nepal.

Community Infrastructure - Namlo supports communities’ interests in improving basic infrastructure, health and services. These projects are identified, designed, organized and financed with local community contribution, both cash and in-kind.  Projects in both Nepal and Nicaragua include rural water supply, latrines, school kitchens and community/business centers.

Namlo has been operating in Nepal since 1999 and has concentrated work on four communities in Tanahu and Sindhupalchowk Districts.  In these communities Namlo has established five schools, two women’s cooperatives, two water projects (in partnership with Engineers Without Borders), two community centers and a number of income-generation activities in agriculture.

Namlo International has been operating in the communities of El Quebracho, Barrio Nuevo, El Salmeron and Los Pinares since 2004, with a high level of success in infrastructure projects (schools, kitchens, water systems) but less successful with economic development activities.  Since economic development is a major component of building sustainable communities, Namlo sought ideas for projects that would respond to local interest in agriculture as well as tackle the perceived problem of poor nutrition and dietary diversity.  It is against this backdrop of poor nutrition and the academic performance of Nicaragua’s youth that Namlo teamed up with Al Campo International to expand the dissemination of greenhouses that can be used for increasing vegetable production at the household level, thereby improving nutritional intake of rural families, their incomes, or both.


Nepal is the 13th poorest country in the world, and the 3rd poorest country in South Asia, while Nicaragua is the 2nd poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.  In rural areas, limited opportunities and low agricultural productivity contribute to poverty for both Nepal and Nicaragua.  Namlo works in rural communities to improve educational and income generating capacities.   

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