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Nashville Classical Charter School

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Over 150 years ago, because of its abundant universities and the potential impact of its new public education system, the city of Nashville earned a reputation as the “Athens of the South.”  The city’s classical reputation was reinforced at the founding of Fisk University, whose first students were former slaves ranging in ages from 7 to 70 with dreams of a school that could measure itself against “American education at its best.”

Today, Nashville Classical Charter School’s unique program builds upon the same classical tradition embodied by the city’s first public schools and finest universities.

Of course, a classical approach is only the beginning of what makes us different. Nashville Classical is a community of parents, scholars, teachers, leaders, and staff who champion a different result: a college preparatory education for every child. In the classical world, there was no art greater than teaching and no object more valuable than an education. Thousands of years later, Nashville Classical has built an outstanding organization around these enduring beliefs.