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Neighborhoods Resource Center

Neighborhoods Resource Center
CROWDRISE : Apr 01, 2013
Tax ID: 62-1817514
BASED: Nashville, TN, United States



The Neighborhoods Resource Center is a local nonprofit organization dedicated to working with residents and neighborhoods in Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County to facilitate community-driven change that creates stronger and more vibrant neighborhoods.

~~Since 1997, the Neighborhoods Resource Center has worked with residents and neighborhoods throughout Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County to help build stronger neighborhoods.

Transportation, schools, crime and public safety, affordable places to live, green spaces, and places to play are all important issues that neighborhood organizations address every day. The Neighborhoods Resource Center works with these organizations to ensure that neighborhoods have a place at the table when these matters are discussed.

The Neighborhoods Resource Center is not a government agency. We are a local nonprofit organization created by local residents.

We are committed to facilitating community-driven change. We do not dictate goals or set public policy. We believe that residents know what is best for their own neighborhood and we work to support them in their effort to make that happen.

Tax ID: 62-1817514 •


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