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Natalie Fry wrote -

Ethiopia - birthplace of coffee. Ethiopian women are the heart and soul behind this extraordinary beverage.


While we enjoy the flavors of these amazing coffees, women remain behind the scenes but play a central role in the household; as caregivers, sisters, daughters and as coffee baristas; roasting and preparing numerous cups of delicious Ethiopian coffee in the homes of their families. Professionally, Ethiopian women form the backbone of the coffee industry through their dedicated work as quality sorters, traders, baristas and processing experts. 


It is astounding, the amount of work women do for the myriad of coffee businesses throughout the country. Unfortunately, Ethiopian women rarely receive proper recognition for the important tasks they fulfill, let alone that they receive proper wages for their dedicated work.


JavaJog has dedicated the 2015 fundraising race to the plight of coffee women in the birthplace of coffee.


JavaJog helps promote conditions for women to be respected and valued as an integral part of the entire coffee value chain. We support initiatives that help women to become more pro-active in the Ethiopian coffee industry, so that women are given the same opportunity to develop businesses, which allow them  to employ their full capacity in the Ethiopian sector.


Proceeds of this year's race will benefit projects that facilitate capacity building and the overall improvement of the position of women, from cooperative farmer organizations to export businesses.

We welcome proposals for grants for washing stations and for vocational training programs. Last but not least, JavaJog want to support programs that improve access to the basic social development needs of women: health, education and family planning. Join JavaJog for a Cause to raise much needed funding and support for our sisters in Ethiopia!

The following organizations have been invited to date to apply for grants:
• Girls Gotta Run
• Grounds for Health
• IWCA Ethiopia
• Common River
• Amaro Gayo (Women's Savings and Credit Organization)

Other organizations are very welcome to submit grant proposals.

Join us this year to raise much needed funding and support for our sisters in Ethiopia for Java Jog for a Cause.



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