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Natalie has always wanted to raise ducks. Since her wedding is coming up and you may not find anything worth purchasing on her registry, you should consider contributing $5.00 towards a duck, or any other amount towards the purchases of duck necessities (cage, heating lamp, bedding, food, etc.). You may be wondering where Natalie plans to keep her ducks. She plans to have the main housing in her basement, but throughout periods of the day she will let them roam outside so that they can experience the joys of her backyard (supervised, of course). All who contribute to the purchase of Natalie's duck farm will be permitted to come and visit with the ducks, pet the ducks, play with the ducks, and feed the ducks. Family members will also be permitted to attend. Donors for Natalie's duck farm will also be considered for baby duck adoption.

P.S: Natalie's duck foundation is sincerely important to her and she is not joking when she says that she would rather have a duck farm than kitchen towels and lazy susans. After all, even her ringtone is a quacking duck!

For all who would like to contribute to this foundation, please feel free to donate on here or contact Meredith Pontius via e-mail at

Thanks so much and happy fundraising!



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Natalie is working on selecting a charity so you can support Natalie's Duck Farm.