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National Popular Vote March for 2020

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EVENT: National Popular Vote March for 2020

EVENT DATE: Oct 07, 2017

Ute Haker


The National Popular Vote March for 2020 in Washington, DC, and across the U.S., on Saturday, October 7, 2017 (Columbus Day weekend) celebrates the commitment of grassroots movements and people from all walks of life to work toward the common good and supports the successful passing of the Constitutionally legal National Popular Vote bill in enough states for citizens to directly elect the U.S. President by way of an Interstate Compact in time for the next presidential election in 2020. 

The National Popular Vote is NOT a fantasy. As of spring 2017, it's been enacted into law in 10 states plus the District of Columbia for a combined total of 165 out a needed 270 electoral votes, so we are more than halfway there! The National Popular Vote is fundamental; it’s about the structure—the bones—of our democracy and impacts a vast array of common-good goals and priorities because they likely will find a much more conducive federal environment under a President elected by the majority of citizens. 

NONPARTISAN: The current National Popular Vote effort began in 2005 and is not about the 2016 presidential election or partisan politics in general. Instead, the National Popular Vote bill simply commits the Electoral College to cast its votes in accordance with the popular votes from throughout the country rather than by state. 

In doing so, the National Popular Vote bill automatically eliminates the outdated and problematic "winner-take-all" election scheme, which divides the country into "battleground" and "spectator" states and makes the spectator states’ votes (along with their concerns and financial interests) politically irrelevant. 

As a result, the bill achieves three democracy-enhancing feats all at once: 

1. Creating a direct and undistorted correlation between popular vote outcome and election result. 

2. Making every vote equal nationwide. 

3. Increasing the probability of higher voter turnouts because all votes count. 

WHY NOW: If enough of us support the bill during the remaining states' 2017, 2018, and 2019 legislative sessions, it has a very real chance of being in place by 2020. 

ASK YOURSELF: Am I ready to directly decide who leads the country? Am I ready to make every vote equal and make every vote count? 

OCTOBER 7 FUN: Yes, lots of great performers, speakers, and celebrities--and most importantly YOU. What could be more empowering and exciting than helping the country take a giant leap forward? Bring your friends and kids; wear something special or meaningful; show your support for the National Popular Vote or different forward-thinking cause; and join other respectful, peaceful marchers ready to make history. 

BACKGROUND: The Constitution (Article II, Section 1) gives the states exclusive control over awarding their electoral votes. In the case of the Interstate Compact that underlies the National Popular Vote bill, the states will award their electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote. 

In addition to the District of Columbia, the following 10 states are participating in the Interstate Compact so far: California, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington State. 

OUR WEBSITE: http://www.nationalpopularvotemarch.com 




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