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National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund

Our Mission: We Will Know How to End Breast Cancer by January 1, 2020. Tax ID 52-1782065


The world of breast cancer has lost its sense of urgency to end the disease. It is time for a radically new approach. A collaborative deadline-driven mission approach to breast cancer has never been attempted. But examples of success in other fields suggest that often it is the lack of vision, willpower, accountability and leadership --not level of knowledge or the science itself --that stymies progress.


The National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC) is setting a deadline: End breast cancer by 2020. Breast Cancer Deadline 2020.


It is time. Deadlines can make the impossible possible. Putting a man on the moon was impossible. Curing polio was impossible. Eradicating small pox was impossible. What seems unimaginable can become reality with a deadline, strong leadership, strategic vision, and a culture of innovation. These ingredients are available to us right now, and now is the time to begin.