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National Disaster Search Dog Foundation,...

National Disaster Search Dog Founda...
CROWDRISE : Jan 15, 2011
Tax ID: 77-0412509
BASED: Ojai, CA, United States


National Disaster Search Dog...

Our Mission

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Founded in 1996, the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organization. Our mission is to strengthen disaster response in America by recruiting rescued dogs and partnering them with firefighters and other first responders to find people buried alive in the wreckage of disasters.

We offer the professionally trained canines an ongoing training program at no cost to fire departments. And we ensure lifetime care for every dog in our program. Once rescued, these dogs never need to be rescued again. There are currently 131 Search Dog Foundation trained search teams located in New York, California, Florida, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, and Utah. Thanks to mutual aid agreements between counties, cities and states, these precious, life-saving resources can be shared regionally and nationally to make sure that when disaster strikes, no one is left behind. 

Ten years ago, when our teams returned from their deployment to Ground Zero, they knew their lives had been changed forever. Ten years ago, we never would have imagined that within a short decade Search Dog Foundation would have trained 131 teams in 7 states, responded to 81 disasters - national and international, and begun to build the first facility in America dedicated to training Canine Disaster Search Teams. 

Be a part of the search. 

Tax ID: 77-0412509 •