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The National League of Students helps post-secondary students get the most out of their education. Through a program of aid where students are involved in every step, the NLS helps students when funds come up short in textbook buying, when car trouble jeopardizes class attendance, and in many other instances to make college just a little easier and a lot more rewarding. In doing so, the NLS also hopes, in the long term, to increase graduation and retention rates of college students all over the country. 


Each student enrolled in a member school pays a $60/ year fee (that can be covered using students’ scholarship or grant money). These fees are pooled together, creating the NLS Fund. All enrolled students at member schools are then able to log into our Web site (under construction) to request funding for incidentals like textbooks, emergency car repairs, medical bills, or even fees for taking MCATS or LSATS... anything that enhances the college experience and makes it easier to stay in school. And after requests are made, any NLS student is able to decide how the NLS Fund money is allocated by anonymously voting “yay” or “nay” for each request. We like to think of ourselves as facilitators to help students help each other.