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Trust for the National Mall

Trust for the National Mall
CROWDRISE : Dec 02, 2013
Tax ID: 30-0080738
BASED: Washington, DC, United States


Protecting our Mall

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Every year, the National Mall hosts over 29 million visitors, who come to share the extraordinary view of the American democratic experience. The National Mall is our country’s most visited national park, reflecting our pride and optimistic character to the entire world.

But over the years, our National Mall has been loved to death. Years of wear-and-tear and deferred maintenance have taken their toll.

The Trust for the National Mall has embarked on what will be the largest public-private partnership in National Park Service history. It is a bold undertaking, but with your help we will build a once-in-a-generation movement and make history. 

In the last year alone, we reopened the earthquake-damaged Washington Monument, gained unanimous design plan approval for our Constitution Gardens rehabilitation project, and embarked on the sustainable restoration of turf panels between the U.S. Capitol and the Washington Monument.

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Tax ID: 30-0080738 •


Restore the National Mall

Restore the National Mall

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