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CROWDRISE : Oct 21, 2014
Tax ID: 23-7266823
BASED: Vermillion, SD, United States


Give '15' to the NMM!

Share our love for music. Donate "15" to the National Music Museum($1.50? $15.00? $150.00? $1,500? $15,000...?)

With over 15,000 musical instruments in our world-class holdings, and over 1,200 on display, we're passionate about music. Your investment in the NMM will not only support our daily operations -- caring for historic instruments, researching them, and telling their stories through museum-programming and displays, and social media  -- but will ultimately get us closer to breaking ground on a much-needed $15-million-dollar museum complex.

If you enjoy our Facebook page -- you know it's not an average Facebook page. The National Music Museum's is one of the best educational resources about musical instruments on the web. Help us celebrate surpassing 15,000 Facebook 'likes.'

Be a muse to the National Music Museum. Invest in the National Music Museum's mission -- preserving, displaying, and teaching about some of the greatest musical instruments in the world. Think "15" and give what you can -- $1.50, $15.00, $150.00, $1,500, $15,000... $15 million?!  Or any point in between.
We thank you deeply!

Tax ID: 23-7266823 •


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