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CROWDRISE : Apr 05, 2012
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Our Mission

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The problem

Science does a poor job of communicating internally. Scientists write mostly for journals that very few people ever read, researchers don’t share their data often enough, science efforts don’t spend money on coordinated public relations efforts, and more. The outcome of this dysfunction is that science doesn’t discover as much as it might be able to with better communications tools and practices, and opportunities for discovery are being lost. This is true in every field from medical research to alternative energy research to pure science. STEM education is also a continual challenge, at least in part due to these communications issues, and the public’s understanding of science is anemic.

The solution

We’re the National Science Communication Institute (nSCI), a 501c3 tax-exempt nonprofit charity whose mission is to help improve science collaboration, discovery, education and public policy by reforming the communication culture inside science. nSCI is working to change this arms-length relationship between science and communication from several different angles, including by raising awareness and facilitating conversations, reaching out to interested scientists, working to change the link between journal publishing and tenure, and more.

nSCI is also undertaking several groundbreaking science communication projects. These projects have two main goals in mind: (1) to improve the communication capacity and effectiveness of science-related research and projects, and (2) to demonstrate how improved communication tools can be used in science. A few of our current projects include:

  1. Publishing the first ever comprehensive guidebook on science communication. This guidebook is being written by science communication experts from across the globe and will be the first of its kind to cover science communication fundamentals from A-Z—from building the proper collaboration and communication tools for research projects, to striking the proper balance between journal publishing and public communication. The finished book will be made available to research groups for free in early 2015.
  2. Funding 10 key science communication projects across the country. Projects are being identified through nSCI’s network and through the applications we receive through our website. Projects will be selected on the basis of their cost, impact, visibility, sustainability and replicability.
  3. Conducting a nationwide communications survey of researchers and scientists. Not a lot is known about how researchers and scientists use communication tools, or what tools, practices, and resources they would like to use. This survey, which will launch in early 2013, will be the first attempt to measure science communication. The data we gather will be used to help us shape our approach to reform.

We're it

There aren’t any other groups doing this. There are science writing groups, groups serving particular research specializations, and advocacy organizations like the National Academy of Sciences, but there aren’t any groups actively working to change the whole culture of science communication and thereby enhance the public benefit from science.

You can make a difference

There is a genuine public need for what nSCI is trying to accomplish. The return on investment from reforming science communication will reverberate throughout society for many years, improving the lives of millions through discovery and innovation. We have the stakeholder support we need from the science community, and the resources to accomplish our goals are accessible. The rest is up to you! Please consider contributing today.

More information

For more information, please visit the nSCI website at

Thank you!

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