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Navy SEAL Foundation

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BENEFITING: Navy SEAL Foundation - Hawaii

EVENT DATE: Aug 20, 2011

Jennifer Cosco



This weekend I'll be running the Leadville 100. Started in 1983 as a way to spark interest and bring visitors to the struggling mining town of Leadville, Colorado, this race is not for the faint of heart. Race co-founder Kenneth Chlouber, an avid marathon runner, conceived of the race as a way to make Leadville famous. When he told the local hospital administrator about his idea he was told, "You're crazy! You'll kill someone!" Chlouber responded, "Well, then we will be famous, won't we?" The 50 mile out and back course starts at 9,200 feet of elevation and climbs up to 12,600 feet with a 30-hour time limit.  Of the few hundred runners that start, only 40% make it to the finish line.

Many of you who know me, know I'm always trying to push myself harder and harder. And while I prepare in my final week for something that will be harder than anything I've ever done before, I can't help but think of the men who lost their lives last week. On August 5th, 31 American Soldiers died fighting for our country, doing the most selfless act a person could do. And while running 100 miles may be tough, nothing can compare to what they do on a daily basis, or the ultimate sacrifice many of them have made. Everyday Navy SEALs are facing their own ultra. Only their ultra's include being dropped off in hostile territory to hike long distances with the constant threat of death or worse just around the corner. There's no "cutoff" to their mission and there's no telling when or if they will come home. Day in and day out, these men do their jobs without fame or recognition, motivated by their love of country and the brotherhood of the team. In their honor, I'll be donating $1 for every mile I run to the Navy SEALs Foundation. I'll also be donating $1 for every time I trip (this happens a lot during ultra's especially at night!). I encourage you to also give back in honor of the heroes who gave their lives for our country and to their recovering families by making a pledge. You can pledge to give something for every mile I complete, every time I trip, fall or stumble, or even to the number of slices of pizza I plan on demolishing once my journey ends. Please go the my Navy SEALs Fundraising page and post your pledge under comments. After my journey, I'll post all of the results. If you would simply like to just donate, please feel free to do so at


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