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Nazareth Elementary School

Nazareth Elementary School ~ Where Faith, Love & Learning Thrive

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Our Mission:

Nazareth Elementary is a Catholic school in the tradition of the Sisters of Saint Joseph serving students in Preschool (children ages three and four) to Grade 6. A strong, faith-based education is offered to students in the city of Rochester and surrounding areas. We welcome students of all ethnicities, faith heritages, and socio-economic backgrounds.

Hand-in-hand with families, we seek to educate the whole child, encouraging each student to reach his or her academic potential, and to grow spiritually, socially, and emotionally. In partnership with The Aquinas Institute, students develop a love for learning as they grow in wisdom, age and grace. We challenge each one to:

Strive for excellence

Make choices based on Christian values

Embrace diversity

Be of service to others

Our Philosophy: 

Nazareth Elementary continues its long tradition of quality education in a loving, safe, and faith-filled environment. Nazareth strives to fulfill the purpose of Catholic education as stated in the Bishops’ Pastoral, “To Teach as Jesus Did:”

To teach the message of Jesus

To build community

To be of service

To worship together

Instruction in Gospel values is a vital part of the school program. These Christian values permeate all subject areas and all aspects of the school day.

Students and faculty have many opportunities to work, pray, and play together. We celebrate community within classes, as a staff, as a school, and among our families.

As our students grow in their understanding of community, they learn the importance of serving others without distinction. This is fostered by service opportunities throughout the year. They grow in respect and compassion, and develop a sense of peace and justice toward the world.