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Donations Needed for Quality of Life

Organized by: Susan Cunning

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I am in need of donations desperately, so I am reaching out and asking for help please. I need to find a new place to live and move into, as well as help with daily health, food & living expenses, while I try getting back on my feet. 

I am currently living in my ex-boyfriends home. However he plans on selling his house here that I am living in and he plans on closing the house up while it is listed for sale, as he will be moving back east soon, once he has everything here in place and closes this house up. That will leave me without a place to live, and I have no one I can go to for help and no other place to live. I am scared that I will end up homeless. 

I have alot of health problems, and he has been kind enough to let me stay here while I have been going through several much needed surgeries, while dealing with many other health problems that I have. I'm still currently recovering from my most recent knee surgery. 

I have been struggling a very longtime with debilitating back pain. I suffer with severe Lumbar spinal stenosis, permanent nerve damage with severe nerve pain & unrelentless muscle spasms, and pain contantly from the middle of my back, shooting all the way across and down my back into my legs and feet. Degenerative Disc Disease, 2 Bulging discs, severly advanced Osteoarthritis, and Fibromyalgia. I am constantly in pain all the time. I did have a major back surgery last year and had to have some titanium rods and srews put into my back to hold and stabilize it. My L4-L5, S1 Lumbar decompression with instrumented fusion and transformial lumbar interbody fusion, as you can see from the xrays below. However I still suffer from debilitating back pain. 

With all the health problems I have now, physical and emotionally. I can no longer do any of the work I had been doing my entire life. My body can no longer do the physical things anymore with the only trianing I have known my entire life. It kept me from being able to do, and hold on to a job anymore. I struggled and I did try the best of my abiltiy for a longtime, till I could not do it anymore. 

I'm currently waiting for a hearing date now for my disability case. I have no idea how long it will take. I know it will take some time as the waiting time for even getting a hearing is long. 

The Osteoarthritis is bad in both of my hands now as well, especially in my right hand, as I am right handed. My fingers are now contracted together inwards really bad. I have a hard time using or holding on to things. My hand constantly cramps up and goes numb on me. Even typing this now on my keyboard is hard for me. I have to stop and wait for the cramping to go away to continue. 

I also have a torn ACL in my knee, a torn meniscus, I cannot even tolerate standing for any long period of time or bear weight on it. I will need to eventually have a total knee replacement. However the Dr wants me to wait a while longer before having it. 

I also suffer with Allergic Asthma and Allergic Allergies, I can't tolerate being around anything that has any kind of strong aroma, anykind of scents, fumes, flowers, pollen, certain trees and weeds, dust, smoke, tobacco, scented soaps or lotions, anything at all that gets in the air that I come into contact with can cause an allergic asthma attack. It's very hard for me daily anytime I have to go anywhere. I always have a fear of having an attack. I also suffer with Depression, Anxiety and Panic attacks, PTSD, severe Chronic Migraines, Underactive Thyroid disease, Diverticular Disease & IBS (D), Interstitial Cystitis, 

With having the amount of pain I am in and having all these other health issues on top of everything, I no longer have any quality of life and I'm really struggling and having a hard time. I know I won't make it if I end up homeless with all the health problems I have every single day that I struggle with. I am praying and asking for help so I can have some quailty of life back. 

I thank everyone who has taken the time to read my story and anyone who wants to help another person in need by donating, so I can continue to get the health care I need, and have a home and food. I am deeply grateful for any and all help that I receive, by the love, kindness and generosity of others.

Thank you,


Organized by

Susan Cunning

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