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Need a hand, to live again

Organized by: Katherine Rizk

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Most recent surgery update
February 26, 2016

 I have a follow-up dr. Visit on 3/3/2016, I will keep everyone informed. Also, I wanted to tell everyone that if you would like to read about See More


Hi, my name is Katherine Rizk, and I really need your help. I was attacked by my dog, back in July of 2015, and as a result, had to have my arm amputated. My husband told me, when he found out they would have to amputate, he begged them to save my arm, but the damage was to severe for them to do anything else, but amputate, and save my life. The damage was horrific, my hand, fingers, and forearm, were shredded, all of the pieces, weren't even there. There was nothing else they could do. When they told me, I wasn't sure what I was hearing, actually, I thought I was dying, so losing my arm, didn't really matter, at that point, I just knew, my life was ending, and all I remember is praying to God, not to take me yet, I wasn't ready to go, especially not this way. I thought about my son, and the pain he would have to go through, if I died, so I just kept saying out loud, over, and over, please god, I don't want to die, that's all I remember clearly, is my pleading for my life....... Which, miraculously I survived. Not only was my hand and forearm gone, I also had a bite to my leg, which was so deep, it tore my hamstrings, and I received 60 stitches, and a chunk out of the side of my knee. My first and middle finger of my other hand, were sliced down to the bone, which has caused severe nerve damage, and total paralysis of 3 of my fingers. My doctor had to do another surgery on my hand, to try and regain some feeling again, still waiting on it to heal, hoping for the best. So, my goal at this point, is basically, to be able to resume my life, of course, I know, it will never be the same, but at least I would still be able to do the basic things to feel somewhat normal. One thing that really bothers me about this whole thing, is I had to surrender my dog, so he could be uthenized, it was like killing my child, he was my baby, and he snapped. I just couldn't believe what was happening, I was in so much pain, physically, and emotionally! Why? How could this happen? I felt like, I was living in a nightmare, it just couldn't be real! When I was finally able to go home from the hospital, I couldn't stand it! My dog was gone, forever! I was consumed with trying to figure out why he did this to me, what happened, so, I watched every episode of Caesar Milan, looking for answers, and I realized, I would never know why, I had to let it go, I was so consumed with guilt, I couldn't function. I also couldn't sleep, because I would wake up in the middle of the night screaming, thinking I was being attacked again. I was diagnosed with ptsd, anxiety, and severe depression, which I am taking medication for, and getting better. I know I lived for a reason, and I'm so grateful to still be alive, most people that go through something like this, do not survive, I am one of the lucky ones, and not a day goes by, that I don't think about what happened, and how grateful I am to be alive. So, my next step, is getting a prosthetic, so I can return to work. I am a makeup artist/ beauty consultant, for Clinique cosmetics, and I love my job, but it is impossible for me to return to it, without my arm, that's why I'm asking for everyone's help. I lost my insurance coverage from work, because I could no longer afford it, but, I still need a prosthetic. I'm asking anyone, who can donate anything, to help me, I would be eternally grateful, and thankful


Organized by

Katherine Rizk

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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