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Need Scholarship Funds to Get Master's Degree

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January 07, 2011

50% of money raised for my project will go to the Humane Society of the United States.  See more
Susan Dyer


I find myself in life as a 44 year old “student” again, which is quite a rude awakening when I seriously stop and think about it. I have returned to college at this time after being laid off from my job in Denver, CO two years ago. My decision to do so was due to several reasons being the recession, lack of jobs in NC, and lack of enthusiasm for the “corporate industry” for which I have worked in the past 20 years.

More than anything, at this late time/age in my life, I want to learn new things interesting and challenging! I want to know about this planet that I/we live on. I want to serve this planet and Mother Nature who also serves us. I want to find ways to heal this planet and its species before it is too late. I feel there is so much to learn. I love Geology and hope to obtain a Master’s Degree from UNC Charlotte, NC with hopes to help and work more in the areas of seismology, petrology and mineralogy which are true interests to me. I love looking down and playing with rocks!

A brief bio of my volunteer work:
Mentor/Buddy for several years to young elementary, junior high and high school students.

“Buddy” volunteer for “persons with AIDS” at the Metrolina AIDS Project for 6 years also helping them with Outreach Education Programs, fund-raising and volunteering for yearly charitable events.

Avid “animal activist” – rescuing, adopting, fostering, and placing unwanted animals into good homes.

Contribution to homeless persons, and families in need of meals, toiletries, and other necessities through various charitable organizations or through the companies with which I worked for at the time.

Walk for Life Cancer walk in Blowing Rock, NC.

Volunteered at the Contemporary Art Museum in Denver, CO, helping its Board of Directors with administration and fund-raising in which I personally secured a $5,000 donation for a capital campaign funding construction for a new Contemporary Art Museum building, which opened in 2007.

I am a charitable donor member of the ASPCA, the National Humane Society, the Humane Society of the United States, the International League for the Welfare of Animals, the “Save the Canadian Seal Slaughter” and other various animal organizations. I consider it an honor and a privilege to save abused, abandoned, neglected or suffering animals. I also feel the same for abused women and children and help there when possible. These are true passions for me.

I always feel blessed and honored to be able to help others less fortunate than myself because I have been blessed to be in the position to help, and I consider that an honor.

It is in closing that I must thank you, in advance, for your consideration to grant me any funds to be used for college bills (as scholarship). I can assure you that it would only be used in order to gain new wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of this world with hopes that I may someday be able to use this knowledge to help others.

At this time in life, I just truly consider myself extremely fortunate to even be able and capable to return to college with this enthusiasm I have. So far, I have almost completed 2 years for my minor in Geology and have maintained a 3.5 GPA! I also hold a BSBA from Appalachian State University, 1988. After finishing this coming Spring (2011) semester at Brevard College, Brevard, NC, I have applied and intend to get this Masters Degree! I can send any and all transcripts, paperwork, written references from professors, or other necessary items you might need for your records.

If considered, I will endeavor to maintain all expectations of integrity, truth, and honor that are expected from your benevolence.
With Heartfelt Thanks, Susan M Dyer



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