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Needs Help To Complete Last Year Of College

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My name is Anthonia and I am 31 years old. I have a child and have been a single mom for 4 years. I am a survivor of domestic abuse and subsequently, have managed on my own to maintain a healthy environment for my child while devoting every waking minute towards a plan that would enable us to get off of public assistance and achieve stability. In hopes of being able to care for my child, I went back to school to become a Medical Lab Scientist. I have now devoted five years towards this goal. It was something I decided on after growing up watching my mom suffer with a debilitating disease. I was inspired early on to want to make a difference for people like her. With this degree I will be branching out into a specialty with emphasis on research towards incurable diseases. I honestly cannot think of anything more honorable and noble for me to pursue, and the thought of helping so many people with my unique skills brings insurmountable joy to my core. In Oregon there is only one school where you may obtain a degree in Clinical Lab Science. It is located at Oregon Institute of Technology in Wilsonville, and it is highly competitive. I completed 130 credits with OSU in “Pre-Clinical Lab Science” to go directly towards gaining admittance. After two attempts at applying, spending countless hours volunteering in a lab and working diligently to earn higher scores in my studies, I was finally offered a spot in the 2015/16 Clinical Lab Science Cohort. With the program only being 15 months long I will be completing my externship in fall of 2016, the last stretch of my long journey. After my externship, I look forward to beginning my career with a local clinic here in Corvallis. Everything is on track towards a wholesome life and extraordinary role in healthcare, yet I am still prevented from obtaining my degree. During my last year at Oregon State I learned I was going to lose my financial aid due to new regulations being enforced. The amount of Federal Aid you receive now has a cap of 18 terms. Since I have had previous college credits, adding this degree on top of those credits placed me over the cap and resulted in an immediate loss. Without financial aid I no longer have any means to pay for my last year of college. And that really hits me hard considering my high school counselor advised me to drop out of high school and enroll in college early (the reason why I have so many prior credits). I will spend a lifetime regretting that decision. I have just recently been able to pay back OSU over 2k for my last term of tuition by working summer jobs. To be able to attend my program however, I am deficient by 4k for the first term and 16k for the remainder of the year. With a child to care for and no reliable source of income, I am struggling to find hope again. This degree was my answer to getting off of welfare, to becoming self-sufficient and for once to simply accomplish something that means the world to me. The CLS program begins Sept 28th and tuition for the term is due in full by the second week. This means my deadline is Oct 9th to raise $4k. If not I will be forced to drop out of my program and forfeit my spot. In hopes of reaching anyone out there who would feel urged to contribute towards my cause, I have decided to share my story. I have procrastinated in sharing anything as these types of open confessions have never resulted in anything beneficial. Yet, as I learn to keep my trust in the Lord I know whatever comes of this is ultimately His plan and I will proclaim that here and now to humbly receive whatever answer I get, regardless of my trials. Whether you are able to help or not, if there is one small thing I can ask each and every person who reads this, it is for your prayers and thoughts towards the well-being of my family, guidance and needed provision. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.



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