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Need to Pay off Debt

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I am a full time graduate student, majoring in English. I don't qualify for grants, I am paying my tuition with loans. I have not been able to find a job, and it's hard to work or find work with no car. My car broke down in December 2011 and I'm still trying to fix it. I started my own moving service in October 2011, but it's been real hard to work and find jobs, especially when I can't afford to buy my own truck. I was recently totaling all my bills and debts and didn't realize how much money I owe, especially to my undergraduate loans. I barely make enough money to pay my rent and bills, occasionally having to pawn my class ring to help pay the rent, which I'll have to do again this weekend. If I could pay off all my debt and pay all my bills, and fix my car, and work picked up, I could afford to move also. It would really be awesome to be able to concentrate on school without constantly worrying about money and all these bills that I can't pay, and all this debt that keeps piling up. I really hate to beg, but I'm hoping I can get some help to at least pay off some of my debt and bills.



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