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Neigh Savers Foundation, Inc.

To build a facility that would provide permanent sanctuary to retired and permanently disabled Thoroughbred horses. Tax ID 26-0265377



After the dust settles and the pounding of hooves quiets, many race horses face an uncertain fate. Whether a horse can go on to become a competition horse, riding horse or companion horse, every ex-racehorse should have the opportunity to find a second chance after racing. Their lives depend on it. Neigh Savers works closely with trainers and owners to help find a humane option for life after racing.
Often times, the most challenging part of rehabilitating an ex-racehorse is transitioning them from their previous racing careers as runners to a second career as a working horse. It is only with time, patience, and knowledge that ex- racehorses can gradually transition into a new career. However, some cannot make this transition due to a permanently debilitating injury. Many end up at the auction, some are neglected, or worse... they end up at a slaughterhouse.
Our mission is to provide a sanctuary for the horses that have been injured and are out of options. We are raising money to fund a project that would allow us to build on land leased to us over the next decade. We will build fences, shelters, install drainage, and focus on developing the land to make it horse habitable, safe, and permanent.