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The Neo-Futurists are a collective of writer-director-performers whose mission is to create: theater that is a fusion of sport, poetry and living-newspaper; non-illusory, interactive performances at consistently affordable prices; and work embracing those unreached or unmoved by conventional theatre. Tax ID 36-3731415


The Neo-Futurists serve 20,000 annually through the company’s core values Neo-Process, Neo-Ensemble, and Neo-Access.

The Neo-Futurists pioneered a new form of theater in 1988, launching what became Chicago’s longest running show: Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind. The show’s aesthetic, inspired by Dada and Italian Futurists, continues to be challenged and honed today through Neo-Process, offering classes for emerging artists and presenting the new work residency Neo-Lab.

Neo-Ensemble supports this collective through a consensus business model and myriad professional opportunities: the full-length Prime Time series, Too Much Light, tours, and an exchange program with branches in New York and San Francisco. Not only is the company growing its branches and taking Neo-Futurism to international venues, Neo-Futurists have changed the national theater scenes. Twelve active Ensemble members infuse Neo-Futurism into work throughout Chicago at companies like House Theatre and The Hypocrites. Over 65 alumni have added thousands of new works to the American theater canon, including Greg Kotis’ Urinetown and Jay Torrence’s Burning Bluebeard.

Neo-Access makes this work accessible to all communities, providing workshops for underserved youth, scholarships to marginalized ethnicities, and performances for audiences affected by disabilities. These offerings give community members multiple ways to engage in The Neo-Futurists’ work, reflecting the company’s mission to provide affordable programming and inspire participation from diverse perspectives.