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21km for Women's University Scholarships in Cambodia

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EVENT DATE: Oct 26, 2014

Kilian Tep


Nettra Pan wrote -

Running the semi-marathon on October 26 seemed great opportunity to raise money for a cause dear to my heart. I will not actually ever see or touch the money, it will go straight to the Harpswell Foundation, thanks to this cool platform.

I found this platform on a former classmate's Facebook Page. It taught me 1) how easy it is to annoy people ;) and 2) how easy it is to donate money to random causes (takes 30 seconds from start to finish).

In this case, it is a very good cause. It is a scholarship fund, dormitory and leadership program for young ladies in Cambodia, with promising multiplier effects. And since it's difficult to create a sustainable business model around a public service like education, donations are one of few options to boost existing efforts. A UN organization says only 5% of the relevant age group in Cambodia were in university in 2012, so we do need all the help we can get to fill the schools with people who will rebuild their country. I've visited the Harpswell dorms, met the students, and followed their news from abroad for the last five years -- they seem legit. And the girls are great. Many of them are at the top of their class, some of them had the chance to study at places like Bard College, and meet Hillary Clinton).


I paid 22 Swiss Francs to participate in the race, so this is the suggested donation amount :) but $2 is also fine. Shoot me an email with your mailing address if you donate more than $15 and would like to receive a thank you card from me.


This is a great opportunity for the girls, but it isn't Harvard, meaning that you could cover a year's worth of college tuition with $375... and more!

  • $150 will pay for a teacher's salary in Tramung Chrum for six months.
  • $360 will pay for a year's food for one woman in the Leadership Center.
  • $375 will pay for a year's college tuition.
  • $1000 will pay for a year's health care for Tramung Chrum.
  • $1200 will pay for a year's internet costs in the Leadership Centers.
  • $2500 will support the full cost of one young woman for one year at the Leadership Center.
  • $2000 will pay for a year's supply of materials at the girls' sewing school in the village of Tramung Chrum.
  • A gift of $3500 will pay for a year's 24-hour security service in the Leadership Center.


Creating this campaign, and deciding to run a 21km with minimal training, has made me think about my situation in detail. I realize how rare opportunity is. These girls are no different from me and they have within them what it takes to succeed and make a contribution to society. But to reach their potential they need a little support. The Harpswell Foundation has some great programs to do this. I've booked my October 26th for this. Will you use your going out money to chip in a bit?

This is my first time asking people to donate to a cause because of some physical activity I signed up to do out of my own volition... so I will be so grateful if you choose to donate out of your own volition. I will smile while I'm running, thinking about how my Sunday afternoon and muscle aches will have been worth it.

The Harpswell programs are the first of many necessary steps we must take so that no talented and willing young person is prevented from pursuing an education.

RUNNING, i.e. I didn't know that Nettra did sports:

I started running 5km or so in 2012. Then, in May, I ran the my first semi-marathon (21km) in 2 hours and 25 minutes. The second half took me an hour and a half. With your support, I'll aim for 2 hours 15 minutes this year...  *gulp*

If you have read all the way down here, thank you! I'd be grateful if you could donate, and if not, I hope you have a satisfying day. <3


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