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Harleyann Diaz-MacKenzie's Fundraiser:

Fundraiser to raise awareness in Neurofeedback treatments

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Harleyann Diaz-MacKenzie


My name is Harleyann Diaz Mackenzie and I am Medical Assistant and Office Manager at Brain Resource center in Upper West Side, NYC. We are a Clinical and Research Based Neuroscience center that treats patients with Mental and Cranial Disorders. Most of our patients are special cases such as TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) Blindness, Autism, ADHD and so forth. I am looking to set up a fundraiser to open a second location to reach more people in this field of Nuerofeedback which is what we provide. Our patient’s conditions have improved drastically with this treatment. No medication is used but basically how it works is in 2 parts. The patient comes in for an intake and a QEEG brain mapping test. In this test the patient is set up with a cap of about 100 special electrodes that are NON abrasive that just simply read the electricity in the brain. Once this data is recorded then we set up a protocol in a program called BioExplorer and set up Nuerofeedback sessions. What happens in each session is that I attach you by 3 electrodes (which are just sticky electrodes such as in EKGs) behind each ear and one on the head. You simply watch a movie or listen to a piece of music and its triggering frequencies in your brain that in tern cause your brain to function better. I myself have been doing experimental work with the music in each program with each case. In Jordina’s case she is a 17yo female who is legally blind. Since coming to BRC, her vision has improved drastically. Her vision is beginning to focus and she is starting to see again. With another patient he is 22yo male with TBi. Since coming to BRC he was unable to talk and complete speech functions. Now he is progressing greatly and I myself am teaching him ABCs. The only reason I am writing you is to ask you for your help. Financially I am trying to raise this money myself but I am looking for Celebrity endorsers who would love to be apart of this study and experiments in changing peoples lives. Now Jordina’s case is different she is completely probono, but our other patients actually pay for each session because they feel it benefits them! I want to open a second center because our space and stations are limited here. We can only see 3 patients a time. If we could reach more patients, we could help more people. I also would like to conduct more studies in the development of Neurofeedback.



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Harleyann is working on selecting a charity so you can support Fundraiser to raise awareness in Neurofeedback treatments.