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Nevada Youth Empowerment Project

Nevada Youth Empowerment Project provides residential and out patient programming and education to prepare willing older youth for independent, self sufficient living. Tax ID 26-1118584


NYEP’s approach to youth service delivery is innovative and falls outside the conventional, traditional supports that have not made much difference in youth outcomes.

Made possible from a grant from United Way, NYEP now partners with Transformations, another local youth housing provider to expand its CLP model into its sites to serve a larger number of transitioning youth.  By expanding our successful housing first model, and setting a standard of care for our transitioning youth population, we expect to experience, on a larger scale, what NYEP is experiencing within its program – youth finishing high school, gaining employment, going on to college, volunteering, moving into independent housing and avoiding unplanned pregnancy, criminal involvement, as well as breaking their cycle of generational poverty.

This initial expansion will  also provide some natural first steps in  community capacity by building trust among providers and begin a process to adopt standardized programming and reporting, including the development of a standards of excellence process to qualify credible providers, implementation of a centralized intake and placement system, and creation of a funding model (Social Impact Fund) that would allow providers to effectively serve cross system and out of system transition aged youth (develop and implement a youth driven approach rather than a system driven), resulting in more effective and relevant service options.

NYEP is a passionate leader concerning homeless and disconnected youth, their needs, and the services available to them. It is NYEP’s ultimate goal to increase safe housing and programming available to these youth that will deliver as needed supportive services to empower them with the skills and resources necessary to achieve their goals (home, school, work, family, community).