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NEW KIND OF REBEL Peace on Wheels

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EVENT: One Common Unity Peace Ride

EVENT DATE: Oct 01, 2017

Daniel Steiniger


On Sunday, October 1, 2017 One Common Unity (OCU) invites you to get  on your bike and pedal for peace as a part of the Peace Ride. If you are  not able to ride yourself, you can still support and sponsor one of our  many riders.   The day’s events will be centered upon our base-camp overlooking the  Lincoln Memorial. From this symbolic starting point, you will begin  cycling along a pre-planned 18 mile loop. As you traverse the route, you  will travel along the grandiose Potomac River, experience the  awe-inspiring nature of Gravelly Point, ride through the beautiful Bon  Air Memorial Rose Gardens, gaze upon the iconic Theodore Roosevelt  Island, and return to the overlook of the auspicious gaze of Abraham  Lincoln’s statue.   Once you complete your first 18 miles, you will have the opportunity  to cycle the loop once more. If you are willing and able, we will  challenge you to ride a third, fourth, fifth, or even sixth loop. No  rider will be expected to take part in more than they feel comfortable.  Once you have pushed yourself as far as you can, you will be able to  return to our starting point and continue on with the Peace Ride’s  programming. The OCU Peace Ride is not just a cycling event; it is a  day-long celebration of One Common Unity’s core values. In addition to  your own commitment, we encourage your friends, your family members, and  even casual bystanders to participate in this celebration. OCU will  bring together artists, speakers, leaders, and our own trained  facilitators to oversee yoga and meditation classes, poetic and musical  representations of peace, and necessary conversation regarding the  current political climate. In addition to creating an inclusive  environment on October 1, One Common Unity will create a platform for  sustained inclusivity, communication, and community long after the Peace  Ride ends.   For 17 years, OCU has successfully created spaces to transform the  lives of youth and families. Through arts-based peace education in  schools, summer youth initiatives, and through festivals and concerts,  we have created spaces for people to tell their stories and share them  with others. We believe much of violence is a learned behavior, and  therefore, if someone can be taught violence, they can also be taught  compassion, cooperation, and the skills necessary to create healthy and  thriving communities. Becoming involved in the OCU Peace Ride is not  only an opportunity to support and sustain this work; it is an  opportunity to challenge yourself as you collectively grow alongside a  passionate group of fellow riders. 



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Daniel Steiniger

Daniel Steiniger


Honored to be a part of this amazing organization and event! 2 years ago