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Social and Emotional Development is critical to the whole child. We do this and more through our programs. Read on.

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Newark Yoga Movement is a four year old grassroots 501c3 organization that believes in helping children who might be less fortunate than you.  We truly meet kids where they are and bring them life skills through the practice of yoga, breathing and centering at their schools and in their communities.  Sharing tools with children and all who are connected with childen (yup, we are the organization that has taught the entire Newark Fire Department), NYM enhances the educational experience and provides easy access to increased peacefulness, focus and confidence as a complementary source of discipline.  We really are turning bullies into really nice, responsible young human beings. We do this by taking over entire schools and introducing all children to the magic of yoga.  Yoga you say? Yoga really has endless benefits from reducing stress--a huge deal to help children relax before a test (hey there is research out there on this) but also can help our nation's obesity problem. Yup, stress is a huge cause of obesity.Our founder actually helped someone lose 80 pounds through yoga.  Yes, we know it is yoga and it won't stamp out HIV (we'll leave that to the Gates Foundation). But, we have taught 14,000+ students , 1,400+ educators and hundreds in the Newark Community in 4 short years.  And guess what, it only takes $50 to teach up to 100 students--we are efficient and effective. We want to reach all 36,000 in Newark schools and continue to inspire other movements around the country to follow our successful model of "required environments and enhancing curriculum".  We are proud it is already happening with the  November, 2013  launch of Atlanta Yoga Movement. Want to help or know someone who can or are you a celebrity that wants to be involved in Newark Yoga Movement and all these innovations going on in the schools? Yes, we are cheap intervention.  We look forward to hearing from you. Spread the word. Pay it Forward.  Join us in Stretching Minds and continuing to ignite others to do the same. Namaste.