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New Beginnings for Cats is one of the first shelters in the area, we have always adhered to a strict No-Kill philosophy. While others turn cats away for medical or adoptablity reasons, we believe every cat deserves a second chance at life. We consider ourselves the champion for the "under cat". New Beginnings for Cats is proactive in teaching elementary children how to be responsible pet owners. We are also aiming to bring TNR to our county. Tax ID 36-4538177


Our mission is a simple one really; we attempt to save as many lives as we can and find the best people possible to care for them. Our shelter started out as a trailer on the founders property and grew to a building, and then it grew again to add a special needs building and a feral barn, and here we are growing again to add a kitten nursery. You see, our county has so many stray and unwanted cats and someone has to care for them. New Beginnings has taken on that responsibility, but we need your help. Because we take in the cats with medical conditions such as heart troubles and paralysis, FIV and leukemia our medical bills skyrocket, yet if there is hope for these guys we do save them. It's as simple as that. When spring hits here comes, the many abandoned neonatal kittens and pregnant mothers with nowhere to go. So we are building a nursery for them, someone has to.