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What is our most precious resource? If not now, when? All acts of crime and mental illness can be traced back to one’s family of origin. Within the layers of early childhood lies trauma, hurt and injustice.
If not recognized and treated by professionals or nurtured by a loving parent these deep seeded wounds eventually emerge, and as you are well aware, medication is never really the remedy, getting to the pathology is. Support networks and community are essential for young people and adults to learn more about themselves while contributing and helping others within a collective consciousness. Ultimately creating a safe and thriving society. Unfortunately, many of those who suffer silently or carry around the anger and injustice, feel betrayed for various reasons, which then leads them to push away others, afraid they will be hurt again. Little by little we lose sight of these depressed or anxious individuals as they isolate themselves from us. They have fallen through the cracks, off the radar, unbeknownst to anyone, until their despair becomes so intolerable and they snap!

Many of these deprived adolescents, adults, either single, married, divorced, overwhelmed parents, victims of DV and so on, numb themselves in front of the television, lock themselves in their rooms or become addicted to substances, or pornography and many other negative reinforcements. Many of these adults have children and spouses who they verbally and physically abuse, ultimately churning out more victims with even less self-esteem, more rage and increased anxiety. It remains a vicious cycle and it’s getting worse.
Values, compassion, empathy are only words on a poster.

What you just read is disturbing, yet a reality for many. This is why we started our Show:
NEW BEGINNINGS an hour of internet radio broadcasted out of Double Diamond Studios can be found on Talking Alternative Radio. located on west 72nd St. NYC.

We are both successful certified divorce-family mediators and Dana Greco, LCSW is a brilliant clinician who specializes in family, couples and children. Our bios and credentials are available.
It has been our mission individually and collectively to dedicate ourselves by providing resources, guidance and support through our expertise and experience. With a busy schedule we still commit to making ourselves available to the families who reach out to us. But with only so much time we are limited to reaching out to those who haven’t found us yet, many of those families may be in a crisis and at risk. We believe we are accountable to them just the same.. Therefore we must expand our NEW BEGINNINGS radio broadcast and marketing potential by making appearances and providing lectures, workshops, literature etc. to these silent sufferers and protect the next generation of children, which is our most precious resource

Our goal is to make this show known, “a household name” and we need your financial assistance to do just that. With funds provided to us we can hire the administrative assistance or interns to take the bulk of the managerial workload, while we can concentrate on the resources and format of the radio show, schedule family and couples sessions and meetings, finish the book we started a year ago. Listeners do not need to be at the brink of disaster to tune in, what we long to accomplish is maintaining our resource, be the voice to those who need the guidance and vital information in order to prevent the chaos that could happen to them and their families. We have learned by our clients that very few have been given the tools for successful relationships, if not now, when? It’s time.
We sincerely appreciate your interest to this worthy endeavor. GO to click on radio and enjoy our previous shows.
Dana Greco, LCSW
Don Desroches
Family and Couples Counseling
Certified Divorce/Family Mediators
Co-operative Parenting Specialists.



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