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Since 1962, Newbury College has been providing a career focused education to a student population whose dreams of a college degree may never have been possible. More than 82% of our students require need-based aid, while 52% of our students are Pell eligible (coming from families in the lowest quartile of income) and 64% of our students are first-generation college-goers, determined to change their economic future.  For more than 50 years, Newbury has been committed to educational access for these students.  

We need you.  By donating to Newbury, you can help close that gap of “unmet need” (what a student can afford versus what the actual costs are) and make their futures much brighter as they enter the workforce with a Newbury College degree – well-prepared through our unique educational focus.

Newbury is shaping lives, creating opportunities and preparing professionals to enter the workforce in this most challenging economic time. Every donation will make a difference! Please support our efforts by donating TODAY!