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New Economy Coalition

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Across the country, people are rising up: saying no to injustice, inequality, and reliance on fossil fuels and saying yes to concrete economic alternatives, like cooperatives and community-owned businesses grounded in sustainability and equity. 

What if all these leaders worked together? What if they all had the resources to bring their solutions to life and to scale? What if people across the country knew about this incredible, innovative work to build a new system? What if they knew how to create these solutions in their own communities? What if, together, we—across the U.S. and around the world—came together to create a new system where everyone can thrive? 

NEC's goal is to make all of these things happen.

NEC is a network of almost 190 organizations across the U.S. and Canada who are building sustainable and fair systems of community wealth and resisting all forms of oppression. NEC members come together to learn, collaborate, share resources, and amplify each other's stories.

NEC's staff of organizers facilitate this connection and capacity building within the network as well as in a larger movement for an economy that puts people and planet first. NEC offers forums, trainings, and other resources for network members and other change agents; provides grants to underfunded frontline groups--within and outside the network--building just and sustainable economic alternatives; and leads NEC members and allies in storytelling and media campaigns and outreach to build large-scale support for narratives promoting an economy where everyone can thrive.