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New England Pet Partners Inc. is enhancing well-being and education with Registered Pet Therapy Teams.


Imagine not being able to touch, smell or feel your pet for medical, financial or other reasons? We can't either. New England Pet Partners Inc. is a non-profit organization helping to train, mentor, and register pet therapy teams who visit hospitals, care facilities, universitieis, schools and libraries (reading with dogs). 

Joyfully sharing our pets takes a group of dedicated volunteer teams. Once trained and registered, these teams reach out to others increasing a sense of well-being. 

Pet therapy is employed for it's benefits physically, emotionally and therapeutically, working with health care professionals. With awareness, the teams engage with people appropriately, and work with staff professionally, to motivate improved health and recovery.

Pet therapy empowers the community with relationship, educatoin and connection. Generaltionally, all ages can participate. However, teams working in facilities with individual or groups need to be trained and registered. This can be costly so New England Pet Partners is offering yearly scholarships to those in need, and team evaluations at our facility, to help create qualified, available teams. 

NEPP uses Pet Partners for registering of teams, the gold standard. .

Please help us help others joyfully share their pets safely and with confidence.