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This is awesome!  I can't wait to see how New Futures, Inc. will grow through CrowdRise and then ripple through the community to create New Futures for homeless families and the fabulous city of Huntsville & Madison County Alabama.

New Futures Family Lodge is a local community charity project which was recently re-incorporated with a new Board of Directors to meet a critical need in Huntsville and Madison County Alabama.  We are a non-profit family empowerment social service corporation that serves homeless intact families in our county. We are unique in that we serve only families that are intact and do not qualify for any other organized form of assistance. New Futures, Inc. addresses not only the complex needs of homelessness and "getting back on thier feet"  New Futures also acts as a catalyst for these families to obtain skills and successes to empower themselves far as they wish to go.  We link our clients to GED/educational opportunities, job training & placement in order to help them become financially self-sufficient and more confident in their ability to be independent and to grow.  We also provide child care/child development & help ensure their children's educational success in spite of hardship. 

New Futures is completely reliant on donations & volunteers.  We are currently operating on a local grant through the Harris Foundation and the City of Huntsville.  However it is soon to expire and we will not be able to continue operating.  We have one paid staff position & she is amazingly tireless with our families!  Even our  CEO, Dr. Donald Blake, is a volunteer.  We are currently serving four rescued families ~ they are working hard and making measurable progress to regain their independence! YaY! 

We have an emergency need for donations to cover the cost of utilities and operating expenses.  We need donations to pay for transportation for our families.  We NEED to ensure our continued existence at least through this coming winter otherwise our current families (and any others who find themselves homeless at Christmastime, and in the coldest months, will have nowhere to go.  Government cuts and the current uncertain economy will lead to an increase in the number of families who find themselves homeless. a  t a        anaolktirttijasdkljCC

Please help US help OTHERS to help THEMSELVES!  Together we can help families empower themselves and create a New Future for themselves, their children,and meet a critical need of OUR community.

I look forward to making our Futures as bright as we want them to be together, by investing in the Futures of our economy, our communities, our families and humanity. Official New Futures, Inc. Website to contact

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