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CROWDRISE : Oct 03, 2013
Tax ID: 20-1425438
BASED: Washington, DC, United States


Let's Rethink Meat

Our mission is to advance alternatives to conventionally-produced meat through research and education.

If we were starting from scratch, we wouldn't produce meat the way we do today. Today, livestock production takes a massive toll on our environment; is a breeding ground for epidemic diseases and antibiotic resistant bacteria; and is horrendously inhumane.


Yes, eating less and no meat is part of the solution and we celebrate people and groups who are spreading that message. But we need a multi-pronged approach. We need alternatives.


Plant-based alternatives are becoming increasingly accurate mimics of meat's taste and texture. Maybe that's why consumption of meat alternatives is increasing in the US.


We're probably most famously recognized for being the organization that has been the driving force for the development of cultured meat - meat produced through cell culture. It's a solution that's humane, healthy, and environmentally sound. It's also years away. Research is moving slowly because of a lack of funding and awareness. This is where you come in.


Help advance alternatives with New Harvest!

Tax ID: 20-1425438 •


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