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New Heart 2014



Underneath the beauty of the rugged mountains around San Ramon and intriguing culture of North Nicaragua, lies a hurting and spiritually dark country where less than ten percent of couples marry and alcoholism, thievery, and radical politics all wage war on families and the strength of Christian churches. False religion knocks on the doors of humble pastors whose only defense is their steadfast memory of stories told to them from the bible, as most have less than a third grade education.

In these impoverished communities, tucked away on mountain-sides and nestled in dry valleys, Corner of Love is at work, helping pastors learn to read and create self-sustaining flocks, knitting together a network of more than 140 native pastors and lay people who are carrying a torch for Jesus. They are the Nicaraguans behind-the-scenes who coordinate our medical and dental clinics, seek out the sick, and bring the good news to all their neighbors.

This Christmas season, be a part of NEW HEART 2014 and join our mission to bring hope, help, and many kinds of assistance to these pastors and Nicaraguan employees of our ministry. As part of the NEW HEART team, you’ll spend the week carrying out medical clinics, VBS and learning activities, small construction projects, and other loving efforts to show appreciation to our special ILPDV in-country network and even have the chance to bless these precious workers with Christmas presents and prayer. The goal is for the light of Christ to touch the hearts and lives of these faithful individuals who help Corner of Love reach more than 30,000 people in need each year.

Why not do something different this noel? NEW HEART 2014 is an opportunity to give, give, give in a way that will leave you a different person, one with a NEW HEART. Come to the villages with us and serve like never before. It will change you forever.

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