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New Life Furniture Inc

New Life Furniture Inc
CROWDRISE : Jun 08, 2015
Tax ID: 26-2703774
BASED: Cincinnati, OH, United States


Overcoming Homelessness

NLF is a free furniture Bank. We pickup, clean, repair, deliver and set up whole house furniture to folks who are overcoming homelessness. Some are victims of abuse, Veterans, or have had a recent life catastrophe. All live in extreme poverty and can not afford furniture, or the means to pick it up. We ease their burden so they can focus on their jobs and feeding their families. Please consider helping us to provide hope, love and furnishings to these deserving folks.

Hi everyone! 

Anybody ever heard of a Furntiure bank?  Betcha not many have.  Well......we are important and needed in every community.  When someone overcomes homelessness, flees abuse or had a fire or flood.  They pretty much need everythingn to fill their new space!  Well we do just that!

Did you know that 85% of folks who overcome homelessness and has an EMPTY apartment will most likely go back to being homeless?  Crazy right?  Well that's why we are here.  With your donation we can continue to provide whole house furntiure to those living in extreme poverty, and we can keep them from becoming homelessness again.

Wow!  Your donation and literally do that.......just a little money and love is all they need to have hope.  bless you for helping us with what you can afford. 


Tax ID: 26-2703774 •


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