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New Mexico Environmental Law Center

New Mexico Environmental Law Center
CROWDRISE : Nov 07, 2013
Tax ID: 85-0360664
BASED: Santa Fe, NM, United States


New Mexico Environmental Law...

Save Our Water!

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Save Our Water! Save Our Lives!

Agua est vida. Water is life. So true in the desert southwest where vital is vital for the survival of humans, animals, plants, our entire high-desert ecosystem. But recently, water, our most precious public natural resources, is at grave risk becasue of government-industry collusion.

Help us fight New Mexico's newly adopted "Copper Rule." It allows copper mining companies to pollute groundwater in excess of existing standards on any land in New Mexico.

Adopted by political appointees of the Susana Martinex administration, "Copper Rule" overturns almost four decades of water quality protection in New Mexico.New grassroots groups, the members of whom live in the shadow of massive mines - are taking the illegal "Copper Rule" to court where they can get a fair hearing. Your support today will ensure that they will have the free, high-quality legal representation they need to go up against the New Mexico Environmental Department and Freeport MCMoRan - the largest publicly traded copper company in the world.

This case is critical. Already industrial dairies are lining up to get the same political favor that would exempt them from the Water Quality Act, New Mexico's national laboratories, hardrock and uranium mines, gas stations, dry cleaners - nearly 1,000 facilities all across our state will undoubtedly be next in line. Help us send the message that polluters will not be allowed a free hand to write pollution rulings that exempt them from the environmental harm their operations cause, the damage they do.

Donations can be made through our website: Type in New Mexico Environmental Law Center. Or contact us through our website:

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New Mexico Environmental Law Center

Join with the New Mexico Environmental Law Center to fight groundwater contamination. For over 26 years, the New Mexico Environmental Law Center has worked to preserve and protect the natural resources of New Mexico, to ensure clean air, land and water for current and future generations. NMELC is a non-profit, public interest law firm that provides free or low cost legal services on environmental matters throughout the state. NMELC represents neighborhood associations, Native American tribes and pueblos, other environmental organizations, all of which seem environmental justice, a healthy and unpolluted environment that preserve’s the state’s public natural resources.

New Mexico Environmental law Center success stories

Fought against the overturn of mandatory “green” building codes that mandate energy efficiency in construction.

Won the right for citizens to participate in the appeal process against uranium mining in the Mount Taylor area.

Achieved the adoption of the New Mexico Mining Act that includes stringent mine clean up regulations.

Kept uranium mining out of communities in the Navajo Nation for 18 years and counting.

Argued for no more unregulated landfills stringent solid waste restrictions at existing landfills.

Won the requirement that mining companies post the two largest mining clean up bonds in the nation, for a total of $700 million.

Promoted one of the strongest country ordinances ion the country to regulate oil and gas drilling.

The New Mexico Environmental Law Center’s record is 3 for 3 against the current administration in its attempts to weaken environmental protection legislation.

Please help us preserve our way of life here, our natural environment, our unique cultural heritage. Additional information on our organization is available on our website:

New Mexico Environmental Law Center is a 501(c)(3) charity. Your contributions are tax deductible and will be very gratefully received.



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