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New place to call home

Organized by: Alexander Dunlap

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Several weeks ago I moved into a cheap rental property in an older neighborhood. I had worked very hard for the last six months saving what little bit I could from every check to build something for myself and have somewhere to call my own. Due to credit issues it had made it hard for me to be accepted anywhere and my income was borderline on being acceptable. I finally found a place that seemed suitable for my budget. I met Kristen Warren who seemed to be a very nice, respectable,and understanding landlord and homeowner. I also had met her husband on the day of the lease signing. She was very sympathetic and understanding to my situation and income and everything seemed to be s fit. It was hard to get accepted through a reality company and for rent by owner definitely seemed to be the way to go. I payed the application fee and on good faith she took my situation into consideration and accepted my application. I was very happy for this whole ordeal to be finalized as anyone knows moving can be very stressful. I payed the deposit, first, and last months rent were the terms of the lease followed by a rental agreement. Everything was straight forward and professional. I signed the lease and recieved the keys. I spent ehat last I had on a truck and supplies to move. A couple weeks in im getting settled and getting used to my new home. Progressing forward i noticed after work on the first week I had an Orange flyer on my door handle. The information contained a bank "MetLife" and a direct 1 800 contact number to the mortgage devision. I contacted the number and left a voicemail regarding the flyer but I never recieved a call back. That following Monday around four o'clock after work I recieved a knock on my door. His name was Dustin and he was with a company called safeguard properties who are the biggest property management company in the U.S come to find out. The next bit of information I recieved was detremental. The property had been deemed vaccent for sometime pending a forclosure and the bank had already taken it back and the occupants moved out. It was owned by MetLife bank and the property was being managed by safegaurd properties pending the forclosure and resale. I spoke further with Dustin making a report with him regaurding the situation. Retreating into my house I contacted safegaurd and MetLife bank naturally to gain some further knowledge of the sutuation. The employer had no insight into what come of the situation. I came to find that I couldn't be spoken to about the propery due to the fact I wasn't the owner and the house was still bound in legal percedings. I was told while the property was vacant there would be regular thirty day inspections by the preservation dept. I talked to several managersand also a regional zone manager about the situation. I was given no direction or help except for finding out the homeowners name was not Kristen Warren or her husband. I had been scammed plain and simple. I have already re I'd Ed s letter from the sheriffs office and bedn served with a legal notice of eviction. When trying to resolve the problem all I did was hurry along the process of safegaurd legally obtaining the property back. Im not able to seek any legal action against the individual or MetLife due to the situation. At this point I have a week to move and am transferring all my belonging to storage. I have nowhere to go or put all my things. I've lost all my hard earned money due to a heartless person who I had thought understood my situation. I have always been a good judge of character but sometimes you just extend your trust hoping to recieve the same. Im trying to figure out anything I can to get back on track. This whole situation has been the worst experience of my life. All I do is work hard and do right by others. Financially I am broken and everything I make just isn't enough. Anything will be greatly appreciated as I figure out my living situation and find somewhere to live while working. Im doing the best I can trying hard. Keeping faith that something will happen.


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Alexander Dunlap

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