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From One Family to Another

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New Psalmist Baptist Church, Family Fun Weekend featuring Bishop's 5K Cup Walk/Run Family Challenge, is an annual high-energy, family fun, event, that's about so much more than the Walk/Run!  We are a community; a family bonded together for a purpose much larger than ourselves - to help find creative out of the box ways to help families live healthy lives and to help financially support research and cures for Americans living with Chrons and Colitis Disease.

This year New Psalmist is committed to supporting The Chrons and Colitis Foundation of America and we offer moral and practical support to empower Bishop's 5K Cup teammates to achieve goals they never thought possible: physical, mental, emotional and even financial.  Bishop's Cup 5k Walk/Run Family Team Challenge changes lives and leaves a powerful and lasting impact on participants, and supporters alike.

Health and wellness make up the heart and “sole” of this event through the streets of Seton Business Park in Baltimore, Maryland and on the campus of New Psalmist. Health and Wellness Providers, Personal trainers, Line Dance Instructors, celebrity chefs and DJ's  will set the tempo for this running & walking party. Family members who will participate in the run can train with us this spring and summer to be ready for this race on September 9, 2017.  And if running or walking isn't your style, consider becoming your family's team fundraising captain, in this role you will be encouraged to invite your circle of family members of friends to support this cause by making a small online donation. Don't Wait, join Bishops Family Fitness Faith Challenge today!   Encourage your family members and friends to start a team and participate in Bishop's 5K Cup Run/Walk family Challenge today!