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Give a Little...it'll Make You Smile!

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If you dont already know about us...The Foundry Dental Center has been making people smile since 2009.  Founded by Dr. Mike McCracken, The Foundry Dental  Center is a non-profit dental center established to provide low-cost dental services.

Started in 2009 as a "safety new" clinic for people in active recovery programs , we were blessed with a small space within the Foundry Rescue Mission and Rescue facility ....two dedicated dentists and some "on fire" volunteers ready to serve, we started seeing patients and  rapidly discovered that many people in our local communites were facing financial hardships and also in need of affordable dental care.  

Seven years later...we are now seeing over 15,000 patients in our Bessemer location and have just opened a second site in Ensley  offering  comprehensive dental care to over 3,ooo patients at our new west clinic.  

Soooo...if we have made YOU smile...or maybe had the priviledge of making someone in your family or circle of friends SMILE.. this little campain asks FIRST that you give us a "way to go" or a "like" amongst your social networks....SECOND maybe send along a small donation to help us keep our dentists supplied with what they need to keep the blessings flowing ( they need  little more equment and supplies) and THIRD help us spread  the FDC story...You will be a part of "New Smiles" this holiday season!

We wish you smiles....some "feel good" for giving back to people in need ...and an official place in the FDC family!