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   HOPE for the HELPLESS

  We are launching a help mankind organization in memories of Ngounou and Moyo, husband and wife, from middle class, who had a driving passion to help other people out of poverty regardless of their origin, and both passed away at aged of 90.

In 2012, coming from France, Ngounou met a 16-year girl named Grace at Washington Dulles Airport, who eloped  from her home country Rwanda to United Stated because her father was given her to force marriage after he cashed a lump sum of money for the dowry ; the future husband and family required genital mutilation be performed at least 6 week prior to wedding. Ngounou took the stranger-young girl to her house in DC where she lived 2.5 years and graduated from Coolidge High School. Few days after the young girl have been living with Ngounou family, she explained that she was exchanged in replacement of her 19 years old sister who was the first fiancée of the same man and escaped from genital mutilation to America. The old woman looked for her sister and found her homeless in Maryland and brought her home to unite with the youngest.
In Cameroon Ngounou and Moyo have been given place to stay and feed many adolescents who are mentally challenge and the family rejected them on the street pretending those adolescents were possessed by the demoniac spirit. Ngounou & Moyo have been a counselor for those pregnant teens and prevent them to make abortion on the street (non-medical setting). Street abortion increase risk of infection and dead.
 Ngounou and Moyo has been save thousands of minors from jail in Cameroon because they could not reimburse their debt of $30-$80 by the due date. They borrow those money to buy the peanut or sweeties to sell on the street.   When Moyo deceased, Ngounou continue the charity work by herself. After Ngounou deceased, the condition of those poor children become critic, included those of the elderly who used to receive  from Ngounou, rice, palm oil, salt, dried fish , soap, and more .In September 2016, we witness 15 years old girl, single mother, sentenced to 2 years jail in Cameroon because she could not reimburse the 40 dollars debt she borrowed .
 In Chad, Ndjamena /Kousseri border, Ngounou and Moyo have been feed and dressed street children from 2-15 years old, helping pregnant teen with baby clothes, bottle water, net to prevent mosquito bit which is a source of malaria transmission.
          Children around the globe need food, medication, clean water, net against mosquito but cannot effort them. 1 net cost $ 5 dollars and can prevent 1 child against malaria, which cost more money to treat, and even cause dead.
 In chad, Cameroon, most of Africa countries, and beyond , the cost of 1 meal  per day for a poor family cost only $1.20-1.29 per child; which means for a school breakfast only, it will cost  $6 to $ 6.45 per week and per child for 5 days school .In Cameroon some children don't receive  their transcript at the elementary and middle school because their parents were unable  to pay $30 for the annual registration fee in the public school.  

          Even in the state of District of Columbia in United States of  America, there is 29,830 children who may not have had a breakfast this morning, or didn’t have dinner last night.  Your gift of $20 can help provide 1 breakfast meal to 178 children. Just $ 30 can help provide 1 meal to 266 children.
         Chad country suffers from Chronic food insecurity. WFP is working with Canada's DFATD (Department of Foreign Affairs Trade and Development) to provide hot meals for school children only in MAO (the Sahel region). However, Ngounou and her husband Moyo have been helping children at Bongor, Moundou, and Ndjamena/Kousseri. The NGOUNOU & MOYO Foundation will continue the same track.
    We are building a diverse and welcoming team to further Ngounou and Moyo work. We are people just like you. We will challenge the poverty in any country we visit. We need your participation.  Sometimes it falls on a generation to be great. You can be that great generation. Let your greatness blossom.

The NGOUNOU & MOYO(NGM) Foundation is an operating foundation registered in the District of Columbia. The money raised by the Foundation will be spent directly on our programs, most of the NGOUNOU & MOYO Foundation’s charitable work will be performed and implemented by our staff and partners on the ground. We will operate programs around the world that have a significant impact in a wide range of issue areas, including, education, nutritional and wellness, and participation of girls and women. NGM foundation is looking towards rescuing as many children and elderly as possible from hunger, and help as many women and girls as possible from poverty into the halls of financial independence and fame. NGM foundation exist to guarantee life without poverty for children and elderly. Through our service every child and elderly can be hunger free, and every woman and girl can exercise great potentials.
     As we collect the money, we will use to improve the startup of the foundation included advertise, to cover the annual gala dinner 2018 at Washington, DC, to pay the shipment of imperishable food, diaper, dry milk, clothes, school items to chad, Cameroon, and to continue the charity duty of Ngounou and Moyo around the world.
   We need as much money people can give by the end of November 2017 to cover the cost of a venue space for the annual gala of the foundation, and then we will continue raise the money through different fundraising activity to succeed with our mission.   
 What began as one man's drive to help people everywhere grew quickly into a foundation committed to helping people improve their condition of life. Because the best thing we can do together is give others the chance to live their life free of poverty and misery. We will be all in this together.
 Our 501(c) is in the process of being registered and we will update when it happens. Our website is completed.

For more information about NGOUNOU & MOYO (NGM) Foundation, see NGM1F.Org     



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