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Nicole's Leukemia Fund

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Nicole is 28 years old and recently diagnosed with AML. This is her story...
I was just recently diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia on 2/27/2013. I have a rare high risk cancer because my cells have what is called a FLT3 mutation. This causes my cancer cells to multiply rapidly which makes it harder to treat. It also has a high rate of coming back over and over again. I will need a stem cell transplant soon. We just found out my sister is not a donor match and my goal is to find a local one soon. Some transplant donors on the registry can take months to process or find (especially if they are out of the country). The longer it takes to find a donor, the more chemo I need which is very harsh & toxic on my body.

There are private testing kits available specifically for me for $195 ( My Dr's would receive those results within weeks! I wish it was free but this is the quickest and BEST way to find a local donor match. I want to use this fundraiser to help raise money for some kits -medical bills - disability aid - and future fertility costs. I recently purchased 2 medical hair prosthesis' (aka wigs lol) which cost over $1500. Insurance only reimburses $500. I also was told that I would be sterile after the transplant, so I will most likely need costly fertility treatments to eventually try to carry a baby one day.
I've been pushing through this cancer the best I can. It came out of NO WHERE! I need to get through this and stay strong. I need help. I need support. I need to inspire. And I need to stay positive and hopeful. I want to be a hopeful miracle story where I go on to starting a family and beating the odds stacked up against me. I do not want to stress and worry about bills which I've been doing alot of since they are starting to roll in. But my focus now is on finding a donor ASAP. Please help donate anything you can... a little goes a long way. Any little bit helps. Thank you :-)



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