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Nightmare in Nigeria

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3 year old Mohammed is close to death. He is just one out of the quarter of a million children suffering severe malnutrition. Doctors are struggling to save his life.

"We only dream to eat, Mohammed's mother told me. There is no money to buy food. Life in the village was the survival of the fittest."

Rescued by the army, relief is now at hand. Aid agencies providing shelter to those without homes and food to those who have lost everything. But beyond the walls of the relief camp, there is street after street of devastation. Bama feels frozen in time. When Boko Haram came into the town of Bama, life stopped there. Hundreds perhaps thousands have died in the violence, nobody knows for sure. While there are chances of reconstruction in Bama, there is still a huge amount of work to be done.

But its not just here, towns and villages across this region lie devastated. It is the youngest who are suffering the most.

Hawa is just 3. She has only known a world of hunger. Her mother couldn't afford food. But finally she is getting help.

"You've got over nine million people who desperately need humanitarian aid, 4.5 million people who we have categorized as severely food insecure, which means they are at the edge of life and death. We've got 2.5 million people now who have been forced from there villages, from there homes." - Toby Lanzer UN Regional Coordinator

They may now be safe from the fighting, but there future is far from insecure.

The above is a report by Martin Patience from BBC News in Bama. The link is below

They need your help! A small amount from you can change someones life.

The UN says it needs 300 million dollars. Lets raise a fraction of that!



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