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CROWDRISE : Feb 09, 2012
Tax ID: 27-2354732
BASED: Dripping Springs, TX, United States



Join the Adventure

Help people saving Africa’s wildlife

It’s about the little guys and gals! Those working on the ground saving one lion, elephant or pangolin at a time.

Margrit and Russ travel Africa in their old Land Rover to find these amazing people. You’re invited to meet them via our videos and stories and learn how you can help.

People like Moses, Silke, Natalie, Philipo, Lynn and Shannon who make a few dollars go a long way.

  1. Moses turns the bad guys, poachers, into bee keepers and tilapia fish farmers.
  2. Silke rescues 30+ monkey babies every year and gives them new families.
  3. Natalie raises baby rhino orphaned by poachers.
  4. Philipo saves lions from angry farmers.
  5. Lynn protects the forgotten elephants and their forest.
  6. Shannon is on a mission to save an entire species of bearded vultures.

Pick a project, start your campaign and make a difference today.

Tax ID: 27-2354732 •


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